Part 5 Obligations

You can invest all the resources you want in our beloved sport, you can invest all the goodness at your disposal, all the money for your kid’s equipment and team fees, all the time and effort into getting a club or a league running for the benefit of others and if someone doesn’t like you, doesn’t like the way you look, or acts on gossip, you can have all that work erased.  It has happened to others and it has happened to me – are you next? … More Part 5 Obligations

Part 7 Overtrust

Despite the complexities of trying to gain consensus on any issue, it is always better for all to aim for a situation of mutual agreement rather than ‘my way or the highway because I said so.’ … More Part 7 Overtrust

Part 8 The Volunteer

A common sense approach to designing a volunteer recruitment plan means a clear understanding is developed about what is expected of the volunteer. To me, the expectations around volunteering are very, very important and the first expectation is that there is actually a volunteer recruitment plan. How many clubs and associations out there can claim they have such a plan other than some verbal agreement or a tick-box on a form? … More Part 8 The Volunteer

Part 9 – The Club (And What Isn’t)

At the club level, the mishandling of the basic ethical principles can have devastating effect including the loss of volunteers and a rapid decrease in membership. People talk; and with the wide menu of youth sports available, they talk with their feet. It doesn’t matter how many innovative programs you can come up with, if people hear the club mistreats its members, they will stay away. … More Part 9 – The Club (And What Isn’t)