There was a time so very long ago that the memory of it almost escapes us.  A time so far back and distant, it preceded the memories of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers.  Before the rise of the Nations and before the arrival of the tall ships.  It precedes the Onkwehonweh longhouses and the Anishnabek epic Journey of the Crane.  … More Atsihkwa’e

2. Extraneous Origins

We will therefore look at these hypotheses and examine them with a mind, not to determine whether they are valid claims , but to determine the probability of being likely even though lacrosse originated within the indigenous cultures of North America. … More 2. Extraneous Origins

3. The Mists of Time

When we examine some indigenous stories – especially those pertaining to lacrosse – we will be presented with the problem of definition.  Can the story be defined hard and fast as a myth or is it a mere legend?  Do the original story tellers believe the story they were telling was true or was it a fable to them? … More 3. The Mists of Time

4. The Archaeology

The current accepted evidence of the human occupation of North America dates from around 15,000 years ago when thought that bands of big game hunters followed their prey into the New World via the Beringia land-bridge that had appeared because of lower of the sea levels during the last great ice age.  … More 4. The Archaeology

6. The Sacred Game

Chronicles of these migrations may have been recorded in indigenous oral lore with stories of catastrophic floods indicating that some indigenous people were witness to these ancient events, which were notable enough to record and pass down through countless generations into modern times. … More 6. The Sacred Game